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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 18:58

Dr Lambros Lazuras, an assistant professor of social psychology at Sheffield Hallam University who studies doping behaviour, told BBC Sport that there is a "pill-taking culture" in amateur sport and general society, which can act as a "gateway" to stronger substances.

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Hi there, I just read your post asking if steroids can help you lose weight. The answer is yes. I am particularly refering to a steroid called winstrol and another called anavar. Both winstrol and anavar are "cutting roids" meaning the shed fat and water giving you a very lean hard look. Anavar is know to be one of the safest roids out there. It is a very mild drug. If you have anymore questions just feel free to ask me. Bye.

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I would suggest it if u do it rite im a user and watching ur diet is key high protein low fats and excercise 5 days a week get milk thistle for sure take daily vitamin and drink mass amount of water theese are most important i would look into dr apt and get levels tested but if ur geting on ur own be leary of websites try and get frm pharmacy its best get any test or ethinate. Dnt overuse plus get estrogen block ull be ight plus ur sex drive will be great od luck

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So why on earth would anyone who is perfectly healthy want to take steroids? The reason is that one particular type, anabolic steroids, have another side effect which is to stimulate muscle growth. Sadly for the sports enthusiast, this effect only works well if steroid level in the body as a whole is quite high, and that guarantees problems with side effects.

The issue of steroid use is a longstanding subject of various debates, especially among sports enthusiasts. While steroids are used to treat various types of disorders including asthma and cancer, these substances are more popularly associated with athletes and is still much talk about whether or not these people should be allowed.
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However, when this is widened out to include those who admitted taking other performance-enhancing substances, boosting results was no longer the primary reason.

You are free to believe that and to state it, of course, but I am always more than a tad skeptical when sweeping declarations of this sort are not accompanied by references and citations allowing readers to check the science themselves. Lacking such references, such statements smack of (unfounded) personal opinion.

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The team has been given a grant from Wada to carry out further research on humans. They are developing the protocols for a study involving students at a sports college in Oslo.

Though it's true you lose some once you stop, it won't be much if you continue to eat correctly and workout hard. You just get there quicker using and for me that's a necessity because 9 months out of a year I am sick and I need to get stronger quicker to have a better quality of life.

What are anabolic steroids ? Q & A on Anabolic Steroids Q: What are anabolic-androgenic steroids and why are they in great demand among bodybuilders and athletes?

A: Anabolic-androgenic steroids, sometimes referred to as synthetic steroids , are man-made hormones designed to mimic the behavior of naturally occurring hormones, specifically testosterone. Endogenous testosterone is responsible for various and vital functions in the human body, but as far as bodybuilders and athletes are concerned the ability of testosterone to induce ana

"They then get railroaded into doing a marathon or a long bike ride or some kind of competitive event and they improve their fitness levels again and they become a healthier individual and become more body conscious and more health-orientated."

Administration of AS may affect behavior. Increased testosterone levels in the blood are associated with masculine behavior, aggressiveness and increased sexual desire. Increased aggressiveness may be beneficial for athletic training, but may also lead to overt violence outside the gym or the track. There are reports of violent, criminal behavior in individuals taking AS. Other side effects of AS are euphoria, confusion, sleeping disorders, pathological anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations.

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