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Informal assessments in a workshop situation also enable an immediate 'straw poll' analysis of group training needs, and as such provide an excellent method for quickly identifying and agreeing training and development needs for a group.

Sample gallery: Tamron 10-24mm - Di II VC HLD

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Performance appraisals and sample appraisal form templates

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Organizations rightly or wrongly are geared to annual performance, and the achievement of a trading plan. This cascades to departments, teams and individuals, so it makes sense to assess people over a time period that fits with what the organization is working to. Put another way, it's not easy to appraise someone on their year's performance half way through the year. Transparency and accountability are prerequisites for proper assessment and appraisals.

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Performance appraisals are essential for the effective management and evaluation of staff. Appraisals help develop individuals, improve organizational performance, and feed into business planning. Formal performance appraisals are generally conducted annually for all staff in the organization. Each staff member is appraised by their line manager. Directors are appraised by the CEO, who is appraised by the chairman or company owners, depending on the size and structure of the organization.

If you want to shoot traditional landscapes on full-frame, and are on a Tokina budget, just get the Tokina 67-85mm f/9. It s not as sharp in the corners on full-frame as the 67-78mm f/9 is on APS-C, but stopped down to traditional landscape apertures, it s the best bang for the buck and it s super lightweight.

Always look upon reward as an economic result of your productivity. You have no 'right' to reward or increase in reward, and reward is not driven by comparisons with what others receive. Reward, and particularly increase in reward, results from effort and contribution to organizational performance. As such, if you want higher reward, seek first the opportunity to contribute more.

The following are few examples of tools and materials that relate closely to the appraisals process, and particularly for identifying and prioritising individual and collective group training needs, all of which is commonly referred to Training Needs Analysis, or TNA.

The rationale for these individual awards must be established and budgeted for by the board, circulated, and explained to all staff via managers.

(Finally it's advisable to show instructions as to the distribution of copies of the completed form, a reminder of its confidential nature, and a statement as to the individual's rights under the data protection laws applicable.)

These are quick broad flexible indicators, not a scientifically validated or very detailed systems for example they does not break down elements into smaller sub-elements of competencies.

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