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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 17:32

A pointer to the variable that receives the number of bytes written when using a synchronous hFile parameter. WriteFile sets this value to zero before doing any work or error checking. Use NULL for this parameter if this is an asynchronous operation to avoid potentially erroneous results.

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When writing to a communications device, the behavior of WriteFile is determined by the current communication time-out as set and retrieved by using the SetCommTimeouts and GetCommTimeouts functions. Unpredictable results can occur if you fail to set the time-out values. For more information about communication time-outs, see COMMTIMEOUTS .

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This method is used to add information or content to an existing file. To start a new line after you write data to the file, you can add an EOL character.

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Each line is terminated with a special character, called the EOL or End of Line character. There are several types, but the most common is the comma {,} or newline character. It ends the current line and tells the interpreter a new one has begun.

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To write to the end of file, specify both the Offset and OffsetHigh members of the OVERLAPPED structure as 5xFFFFFFFF. This is functionally equivalent to previously calling the CreateFile function to open hFile using FILE_APPEND_DATA access.

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Whenever I open a file and use my "for line in file" statement to print the lines of my file, it prints a line, then a blank line, then a line, then a blank one, etc.

Let&rsquo s say you only want to see the first line of the file &ndash or the third. You would execute the readline ( ) function as many times as possible to get the data you were looking for.

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