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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 03:21

To reapply to the MBA Program at Columbia Business School, please use the following checklist to ensure smooth processing. Please note, information and requirements are subject to change without notice.

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Have a worthwhile future: Faced with applicants who have equivalent grades and GMATs, the admissions committee will promote those who are on a unique, interesting, worthwhile career mission. You may have to work hard to polish up whatever dullness or omissions lurk in your past, but your aspirations are safely ahead of you where no committee can verify them. So don’t hesitate to project yourself into valuable, distinctive roles.

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For example, cash, inventory, and accounts receivable (see above). Fixed assets (non-current) may provide benefits to a company for more than one year—for example, land and machinery.

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Before anyone can be granted CIA credentials, they are first required to submit a form corroborating their ethical integrity to the IIA. The form in question must be filled out either by an already certified auditor, an employer or supervisor, or a university professor. Following the submission of their college degree documentation, CIA candidates are permitted to take a test that examines their skills as an internal auditor. The CIA exam comes in four sections: the internal audit activity, audit engagements, business analysis and information technology , and business management.

Possibilities include a brief statement of your goals and your personal and professional background relevant to those goals. Another possibility includes economic or industry changes that enable your goals.

For example:

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Potential CGFMs are also required to have spent two years or more working in government financial management. Like the college coursework requirements, the financial management experience must have been completed within at least 6 of 69 AGA designated fields, such as financial report design/preparation or audit of contract compliance/costs. Again, like the college coursework requirements, a full report of your employment experience must be sent to the AGA s Office of Professional Certification via a work verification form.

Double-entry bookkeeping: Under double-entry bookkeeping, every transaction is recorded in at least two accounts—as a credit in one account and as a debit in another.

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