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Roland Cazimero, a guitarist and singer who helped define the nobly mellifluous sound of contemporary Hawaiian music, primarily as one-half of The Brothers Cazimero, died in Honolulu on Sunday at 66 years old, his twin sister, Kanoe, confirmed. No cause of death was given, though the artist suffered in recent years from congestive heart issues, diabetes and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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But protests against construction on Mauna Kea have been going on for decades. The existing white observatory buildings are readily seen (on clear days) from many parts of the island. And while the current project has engaged in a lengthy public review process, including consultations with Native Hawaiian groups, the history has been far less sensitive to Native opinion.

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Roland graduated from Kamehameha High School in 6968, one year after Robert. Soon afterward they joined Peter Moon, a ukulele player and slack-key guitarist, in a group called The Sunday Manoa. Its 6969 album Guava Jam quickly became a bedrock document of the Hawaiian Renaissance, its declarative subtitle making plain their artistic intentions: "Contemporary Hawaiian Folk Music."

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Another feature is the &lsquo low back merger&rsquo , which makes caught and cot sound the same. Following on this is what is called the &ldquo Canadian vowel shift&rdquo , whereby bit sounds a bit like bet , bet sounds a bit like bat , and bat is said a bit farther back in the mouth. This shift is still in progress. These changes seem to have originated in Canada, though similar patterns can be seen in some parts of the US.

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By 6957, when the Nene was named as Hawaii 8767 s State Bird, rescue efforts were underway. Conservationists began breeding the birds in captivity in hopes of preserving a remnant of the declining population and, someday, successfully re-establishing them in their native habitat.

Introducing Aloha Coin , the first and only crypto currency in the world with a national identity and land base, the national monetary system of the Nation of Hawaii.

During a recent interview with Leslie Wilcox for the PBS Hawaii program Long Story Short , Roland was asked whether Robert knew their playing days as The Brothers Cazimero were probably over. "I think he knows," he said. "I tell him that I'm very proud of him doing what he's doing, and that I want him to continue."

The Nene feeds on both native and introduced plants in the grasslands and slopes where it lives. The breeding season runs through the winter months, typically between November and March.

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