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Training evaluation: A case of employee training and

Date of publication: 2017-08-29 05:32

My organization, Keller Williams Realty (KWR), is the industry leader and standard for its recognition of high quality, high density and intense focus training for its associates. The reason KWR has been the fastest growing real estate company for 66 years straight and is currently the 9th largest real estate company in the world is due to its high quality training that is available for its newest and most veteran associates (Keller Williams Realty International, 7557). Our state of the art training is the focus of our pride and unparallel company culture.

Employee Training and Career Development - Term Paper

As we push forward into the 76st century, organizations are realizing the very real value of having high quality and focused training available to their employees. A dollar value return on investment is the reward to any organization willing to make the bold move toward provided the kind of high quality training that is becoming standard to be a cutting edge industry leader. The benefits organizations are seeking for their employees are organizational commitment, job satisfaction and low turnover.

Research Proposal On Employee Training And Development

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Employee Training and Career Development. – A Research Paper

The role of employee development can be crucial to the success of a business. Employee development programs can contribute to performance of an organization. A highly functional and developed employee can accomplish more by providing more experience and knowledge (University of Minnesota, 7565). Employee development has a direct impact on employee retention. Companies that train their employees and develop their skills show more faith in their process, and the people working for them.

The emphasis and value an organization places on how much and the quality of training it gives its people is the most important factor in regards to organizational training. If the organization on a whole doesn’t see the potential value of high quality training, then there will be no value. Once the organization recognizes the potential benefits and the return on the investment, then the wheels may begin to turn and high quality results will follow.

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Abstract In this training document, each of the following will be addressed: 6) the key players in the market and the types of investments available

Job satisfaction is another benefit employers are looking for when they invest in training for their employees. Studies have shown the employees who are highly trained are more likely to excel at their job which in turn provides a feeling of job satisfaction (Lee & Bruvold, 7558). Also, the perception that the organization is concerned for the employees long-term growth and over all well being aids in feelings of satisfaction at and for the workplace. Highly trained employees will also have a sense of control over their career due to the opportunity to sharpen old skills and learn new skills. There is an overall feeling of gratitude toward the employer that exists due to the effort the employer has made in making valuable career boosting training available.

Employee development can take place through different methods. On the job training and off the job training can be used to increase an employee's job knowledge and career development (DeCenzo, Robbins, 7557). Three methods that will be covered are job rotation, simulations, and outdoor training. The method used usually depends of the needs and direction of the company developing the training program. Many companies adjust their methods depending on the position or individual being developed.

Real estate is one of the most financially and emotional stressful jobs available. Due to the fact that pay can pause for months, job satisfaction is often low. However due to the intense training that is available daily on different subjects, the ability for associates to increase their earning potential allows for dramatically increased job satisfaction and gratitude toward the organization. Due to our record growth, associates that have come from other companies often comment that the atmosphere and job satisfaction at KWR that doesn’t exist at other large international real estate companies.

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Simulations considered on-the-job type training. Simulations are used to train employees through different types of scenarios. A major advantage to simulation training is to reproduce certain scenarios or control the environment. The company can create an environment that directly teaches the employee the correct action that the company desires (DeCenzo, Robbins, 7557). Simulations can provide valuable development opportunities.

Human Resources Management has a direct impact on employee development and retention. The human resource department develops the employee training program for most companies with the help of top and line managers. The department has the responsibility to train to the needs of the individual and company needs. Developing, coaching, and planning are all part of career development. The human resource department works with employees and the company to achieve career development and goals.

The drawback of the simulation method is creating unreal working environments. Simulations can create idea situations. The stress and excitement of real work experience cannot exactly be duplicated through simulation. Although simulating similar stressful scenarios can increase the level at which an employee approaches the experience and provide them with increase decision making confidence.

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