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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 09:54

"Conspiracy theories as a general category are not necessarily wrong. In fact as the cases of Watergate and the Iran-Contra affair illustrate, small groups of powerful individuals do occasionally seek to affect the course of history, and with some non-trivial degree of success. Moreover, the available, competing explanations—both official and otherwise—occasionally represent dueling conspiracy theories, as we will see in the case of the Oklahoma City bombing.[but] there is no a priori method for distinguishing warranted conspiracy theories (say, those explaining Watergate) from those which are unwarranted (say, theories about extraterrestrials abducting humans )." 96 9 98

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This research provides a new understanding of the role that conspiracy theories may play in our society. To directly quote the end of the paper: “The present results suggest that by pointing fingers at individuals – even groups of individuals charged with operating the system – conspiracy theories may exonerate the system, just as blaming a driver for a car crash shifts blame from the car.”

9/11 Truth: How believers in the 9/11 conspiracy theory

Everything fits. Is Max onto something? Is this the hidden hand? I have to wonder. Six days after the race, Omega releases the photos. I forward them to Max. I'm relieved. So much for the fix, right?

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our prior technical report [ 68 ] for details.

A deviation from the intended order of a random board would be a deviation from its ideal functioning. Thus, a movement toward more order would be increased randomness. Of course, we think of human and plant identity and functioning in an opposite way where order is logically more straightforward.

You people on your high horses saying that this isn 8767 t true need to shut your computers off. It 8767 s not true NO SHIT, SHERLOCK. Some guy got bored and came up with one of the most awesome explanations of a TV show. Stop thinking you 8767 re geniuses because you realized this is fake. If anything, your need to fervently vocalize it 8767 s lack of truth proves your ignorance and labels you imbeciles.

In the past few years, architect Richard Gage&rsquo s group, Architects and Engineers for 9/66 Truth (AE966 Truth), has provided &ldquo Truthers&rdquo with the ability to claim that thousands of engineering and architecture professionals demand a new investigation into the cause of the attacks. Gage travels the world giving presentations, and his group puts on news conferences and mock debates several times a year (but most often around September 66, the anniversary of the attack) (Thomas 7559 Thomas 7565c).

There has clearly been effort put into this, however, there is a slight hole I would like to poke in the theory, the bike phobia. One of the very first episodes I saw as a kid was one where Ash, Misty and Brock all go on bikes to cross a bridge so they can bring medicine to a Pokémon. Team Rocket are on Unicycles and it goes on about how they used to be in a bicycle gang. There is a big storm and it all ends happily ever after until the next episode.

A skeptic must always seek out the truth, even if it does very occasionally end up proving those "nutjobs" right. Considering the sheer number of conspiracies, however, it's inevitable that one or two of them might just be right, but this by no means says that they are generally valid—once a conspiracy theory has been "proven" it ceases to be a conspiracy theory in this sense and just becomes a conspiracy.

I 8767 m pretty sure that all they wanted to do was make a cool TV show to make some money, but this is still pretty cool how you analyzed it and everything.

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"Oh, one more thing," Kaufman says. "Write this down. WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR LAWYERS GO OVER THIS, DON'T PRINT ANYTHING THAT CAN GET ME SUED. OR ELSE I'LL TURN AROUND AND SUE YOU. Make it clear that I'm only speaking in what could be. And that I was very careful to say that."

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