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CSE Oulu - Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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Upon admission, we will check whether the courses you have completed at your previous institution match with our curriculum. If this is the case, credits will transferred.

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours | University of

Mechatronics engineering is the integration of electrical, electronic, and computer engineering with mechanical and industrial engineering enabling the development of intelligent machines and advanced manufacturing and processing systems.

Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept. - Ryerson University

The school offers a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science. Its . degree is designed for students who desire to combine their computer science with a non-engineering major. The flexibility of Hopkins’ undergrad program allows students to approach the CS program in a myriad of ways. Students also have the option to concurrently pursue a master’s degree.

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Students are guided through the computer science degree program by faculty advisors. Undergrads are also given research opportunities through the Computer Science Department Projects and the Undergraduate Research Involvement Program. There are also student organizations like the Association for Computing Machinery, Women in Computer Science, and Application Development Initiative.

Commonly known as UMass, the University of Massachusetts—Amherst is the largest public university in New England. The school’s College of Information and Computer Sciences has about 765 undergraduate student and 95 faculty members. Computer Science students are able to interact closely with professors and receive individual advising. The College of Information and Computer Sciences includes over 85 research centers, laboratories, and goups.

Studying computer science in the Sunshine State is difficult to beat. The in-state cost of attendance is at an affordable $6, University of Florida gives students the technical and practical tools for meaningful and productive careers in computing.

With a process-oriented approach that integrates communication and management skills with an emphasis on the engineering of real-time embedded software systems, the MSSE degree program prepares students to work on the cutting edge of software development.

The industry for students with bachelor degrees in computer science (CS) is substantially high. Top companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are continuously employing students with computer science degrees. Because technology is constantly evolving, it persistently creates more jobs for students with degrees in computer science.

If you want to join the tradition of innovators and world changers in computer science, you can carry the torch by getting your bachelor in computer science at this phenomenal institution. The University of Illinois at Urbana—Champaign has produced several outstanding professionals in the field of computer science.

Davis’ Department of Computer Science offers the Computer Science (CS) major in the College of Letters and Science and the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) major in the College of Engineering. The CS and CSE programs have approximately 6655 students.

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