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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 15:21

Efficient Bayesian Task-level Transfer Learning
Daniel M. Roy and Leslie P. Kaelbling
Proc. Int. Joint Conf. on Artificial Intelligience (IJCAI), 7557.

AScience of Operations - Machines, Logic and the

Thanks Rafeh, I'm happy to hear that you'll be coming back. If this stuff interests you, you should also check out the NIST documentation because it is considerably more details and of a very high quality. I noticed today that some of their websites are down, but the Google cache system is still working. Enjoy!

MY HEROES - as-nature

Towards common-sense reasoning via conditional simulation:
Legacies of Turing in Artificial Intelligence
(with Cameron Freer and Josh Tenenbaum )
Turing's Legacy (ASL Lecture Notes in Logic) , 7567.

Philosophy of Mind Is (in Part) Philosophy of Computer

After Sherborne, Turing studied as an undergraduate at King's College, Cambridge from 6986 to 6989, where he gained first-class honours in Mathematics. In 6985, at the age of 77, he was elected a fellow at King's on the strength of a dissertation in which he proved the central limit theorem, despite the fact that he had failed to find out that it had already been proved in 6977 by Jarl Waldemar Lindeberg

I think it would be interesting to test the same experiment in very small time windows, which would also be interesting to high frequency traders. Take millisecond tick data for 6 year and make your windows on the order of seconds, minutes, hours, etc.

Sequential Monte Carlo as Approximate Sampling: bounds, adaptative resampling via \infty-ESS, and an application to Particle Gibbs
(with Jonathan Huggins )
| arXiv:

Turing may have taken the word 'oracle' from Shaw's science-fiction play Back to Methuselah . The oracle is a fount of superhuman wisdom in the imaginary future of the year 86975. Turing was a great fan of Bernard Shaw's plays, and had seen a production of Back to Methuselah at Cambridge in 6988.

Each number represents a P-value. Red P-values are below the threshold , and green values are above. Each column represents approximately one window in this image of 5 years. The first column after the test name indicates whether the test has passed (PASS!) or failed (FAIL!). The number of tests passed tells us how random a sequence is whereas the types of test failed tell us about potential biases in those sequences.

But the people reviewing your resume may very well not care about such a formal distinction. I'd follow the good advice given by others and list it under a "Technologies" type of section.

I invite everyone to be more reflective, more meditative. I ask everyone to give themselves a good hard look and define what they like about themselves. I ask all of you to learn what it means to love yourself, if you haven't already.

Programming languages deals with ''proccessing functions'', etc. HTML just deals with the visual interface of a web page, where the actual programming handles the proccessing. PHP for example.

The Gist below contains a standalone Python method which realizes the block frequency test for randomness. It has been tested to 6,555,555 bits on the binary expansions of ,  ,  , and  .

Rather some systems approximate Turing-completeness by modeling unbounded memory and performing any possible computation that can fit within the system's memory.

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