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Analysis “Beloved by Toni Morrison: The Symbolic Meaning

Date of publication: 2017-09-05 11:00

Morrison enhances the world of Beloved by investing it with a supernatural dimension. While it is possible to interpret the book&rsquo s paranormal phenomena within a realist framework, many events in the novel most notably, the presence of a ghost push the limits of ordinary understanding. Moreover, the characters in Beloved do not hesitate to believe in the supernatural status of these events. For them, poltergeists, premonitions, and hallucinations are ways of understanding the significance of the world around them. Such occurrences stand in marked contrast to schoolteacher&rsquo s perverse hyper-&ldquo scientific&rdquo and empirical studies.

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The tin box signals privacy and secrecy. But not in a safe-feeling way. Boxes, in general, aren't a happy place for Paul D if you consider that he was locked up in a box when he was on the chain gang. Just like the coffin-box Paul D experienced in Alfred, Georgia, the tin box isn't even a thing Paul D can open by himself: to get at his real self, he needs the women around him—both Beloved and Sethe—to show him who he can be.

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When I went back there to teach, one of my students was Stokely Carmichael. I said, ‘What are you gonna do, Stokely, when you graduate?’ He said, ‘I’ve been accepted at Union Theological Seminary. But first I’m going down South.’ It had gotten very political, so that color was not the important thing. It was about civil rights.

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A woman returns from holiday to find her husband has been murdered, and several groups of people are pressuring her to unravel the mystery of his true identity and activities during his final days.

In my house, there were books everywhere. My mother joined the Book of the Month Club. That was like resistance. Along with that thing about reading was telling stories, which they did all the time. Sang stories. There were about ten, and they were all insane.

No. No. No, I’ve been here a long time. Look, they’ve only just started putting lynched people, murdered black boys in the newspaper. Nobody talked about that. That wasn’t newsworthy. Now someone like Trayvon Martin or that other little boy they shot, they get a lot of press. I was telling my son, ‘Do you realize that I was in the world fifty, sixty years before anybody ever thought that was worthy of an article? Or that you should feel bad about it?’ It just wasn’t there. There have been some changes, although now I think we may be taking a step back with this so-called ‘president’. That’s so dangerous and so awful that I don’t even want to think about it. I try not to. That man can make me really sick.

Ah! Yeah, we used to go to Paris and have meetings and talk – elegant talk – and solve world problems. And Soyinka always knew how to solve everything.

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