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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 17:17

Among the Jain festivals, Diwali is one of the most important one. For on this occasion we celebrate the Nirvana of Lord Mahavira who established the dharma as we follow it.

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In short, Diwali is festival of excitement. According to me, this festival should never end but anything that has started should meet its end. But, this festival always ends happily. I like this festival very much.

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tatastuh lokah prativarsham-aadarat
prasiddha-deepalikaya-aatra bharate |
samudyatah poojayitum jineshvaram
jinendra-nirvana vibhuti-bhaktibhak ||

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The other major excitement for Deepavali is the bursting of crackers and fireworks. This year we burst lot of crackers. Earlier I used to be afraid of crackers. Now I have got over the fear of bursting crackers. My parents tell me that I have to be very careful while bursting. I followed their advice and there was no fire accident also. Sparklers, Rockets, Ground Chakkars and Flower pots were our favorites besides the Thousand thousand sparks bomb.

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