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Marketing Cover Letter Example - Sample

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 03:21

Enclosed you will find my resume which provides more information on my education, qualifications, and past experiences. Also, please see the following link for a sampling of my professional work: . I would like to ask you for the opportunity for an interview, so that I can further explain how I could benefit your organization. Please find my contact information below.

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While I believe that my professional experience qualifies me well for top-tier consulting firms, my weak points are my academic records. Even though I graduated from one of the top-tier universities in my country, my MSc GPA is just , and my BSc GPA is even lower, and having some ugly Fs in a few courses.

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The top consulting firms generally try to interview the top 65% of a top 8 university in a country, and try to extend offers to the top 6%. For certain highly competitive schools, like Harvard, the % would be higher. For less competitive schools, the ratios would be lower.

Physician Cover Letter Sample

You 8767 ll also find benefit in browsing examples outside your profession for variety. These professionally written examples should help you write a more effective piece!

Your advertisement in Job Choices '55 prompted me to contact you about entry-level positions in electrical engineering at Fawlty Systems, LTD. The product engineering program at your company is very appealing. I am particularly interested in your project on digital systems. In May of this year I will receive a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from The Cooper Union and I hope that we will have an opportunity to discuss employment possibilities before that time.

From an resume screener's point of view, reviewing that many cover letters is a very painful experience. All the cover letters look and sound the same.

Your background is pretty good, but the perception of yur background will be negatively biased based on prestige of undergrad and grad institutions. You could very much fit in at a top firm certainly top 65 if not top 8, but you 8767 re going to need to get the attention of somebody inside the firm to more closely evaluate your background.

In addition to the relevant skills so important for a Staff Physician job, I offer you a proven and unparalleled commitment to high-quality health care, first-class training and treatment skills, and an indubitable desire to continually improve the quality of life of the patients and my skills as a physician.

Attached with this application is my resume. I am highly interested in joining a large and esteemed establishment such as yours and hope that you give me application due consideration.

Is there any chance that I would be even considered for a job as a healthcare consultant? Not necessarily with Bain, McKinsey, etc somewhere 8766 middle of the road 8767 in the top 55 firms. Would you suggest that I apply now with just a Masters or wait until I have both a masters and MBA (when the MBA is not from a top-tier school)? Or am I way out of my league here?

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After consulting, for every job I got after consulting, I probably averaged applying to only two or three companies for each job offer I received. I was very selective in who I wanted to work for. I did my homework. I explained my reasons in a good cover letter and more often than not got a meeting with the CEO.

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