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Language Arts Compare and Contrast Lesson Plans

To students, knowing how to “compare and contrast” sounds academic, not real-world, but we teachers know most of life is choosing between options. The better adults are at this skill, the more they thrive in the world.

Using a Venn Diagram for Compare and Contrast Essays

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Graphic Organizers - Compare and Contrast

Further, writing out loud with students gives me an opportunity to show my enjoyment for the writing process. Students see that revision and editing are part of the fun, and that even teachers don't get it correct the first time. As an added bonus, students are frequently more eager to share personal writings with me for feedback once they see this process modeled.

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Once they've gone through this once with you, they can reproduce it every time they are faced with the question of what digital tool best fits a project.

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Besides using compare-contrast to select digital tools, it is also useful in teaching concepts that are otherwise confusing, like the difference between software and online tools. For instance, you can build a table with students that includes all the pertinent parts and then fill it in together. I start this in 6st grade, when students have used both software and online tools and likely don't realize they're completely different tools. The table helps them to compare and contrast relevant characteristics.

I love this website. It is easy to understand and worksheets are accessible without the worry of finding out you have to become a member and make a payment. Without a budget I would not have the money to download such great work for my students.

Together, students and teacher use charts and Venn diagrams to brainstorm and organize similarities and differences between two objects. The teacher then models the beginning of the first draft, inviting students to help rephrase, clarify, and revise as the draft is written. Finally, students take what they have learned to complete the draft independently.

Too often, students want the teacher to make decisions for them. They forget -- or don't realize --that the critical thinking and problem solving skills they learn in school and life can be applied everywhere. Compare-contrast is an organic skill that will become part of their life skills toolkit, once they understand how to use it.

Then ask How did the film make comparisons between the lives of the "typical" student in Australia and the lives of kids in Vietnam, Sudan, and other locations around the globe? If students do not immediately recall some of the comparisons, you might let them re-watch the video and record comparisons as they view. Students might work in small groups to create simple compare vs. contrast charts similar to the one below:

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